Testimonial Raven Ambrocio

Extraordinary Vision

I directly reported to Sascha. I can confidently say that he is the best leader I have ever had in my career. His vision is extraordinary and his execution is genius! Other bosses give orders, but he gave us direction. He uses his authority to empower us and to catapult us toward success, not subdue us under hierarchy. He puts value in our job and our character.

Sascha introduced and implemented systems that made processes more efficient and effective than ever – from CRMs, digital solutions, brand marketing, website, social media marketing, ATL/BTL marketing, etc. – you name it, he has done it! His expertise and innovative solutions are always on point. Sascha works smarter than anybody I have ever met. Nobody can do the job quite like him. I am extremely honoured to have been trained by Sascha. I attribute all the learnings and skills I have today to him. He is a huge asset to any company. Sascha is a remarkable leader.