Train: Social Media


Standard Hourly Rate: $140/hour
Cost By Project: Based on your detailed brief, we’ll give you a complete training cost


So you have a webpage, social media profile(s), maybe you even cue up your content using a tool such as Sprout Social or Buffer but that doesn’t mean your doing social properly. Have you found yourself asking these questions? What’s our engagement like? How many people are we reaching? How many followers are we adding each week? How do we compare to our peers? What sort of content works best for our industry? How often should we post and to which mediums? How much should we spend on advertising?

How do get the best results for all of the above questions? At Amplify Global we have spent years learning the best techniques to get the most out of social media using the smallest spend across a wide range of industries.

Contact Us to discuss your needs. Alternatively, add this product to your shopping cart now to reserve your first hour. If we can arrange a per-job quote then we’ll deduct the cost of the first hour from the final invoice.


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