Train: Next Level Marketing


Standard Hourly Rate: $140/hour
Cost By Project: Based on your detailed brief, we’ll give you a complete training cost


Have you ever wondered why some company’s marketing campaigns work and others don’t? Do you often spend money on marketing and wonder why you’ve spent that money and what results have come from it? Do you want to use next level marketing systems to their fullest capacity and reap the benefits of intelligent marketing systems?

At Amplify Global we demystify a bunch of marketing techniques, systems and procedures to super-charge your marketing department and ensure you get more bang for your buck. Once you’ve been through one of our training programs, you will have all the tools and knowledge to successfully complete next-level sales and marketing campaigns and achieve your company goals.

Contact Us to discuss your needs. Alternatively, add this product to your shopping cart now to reserve your first hour. If we can arrange a per-job quote then we’ll deduct the cost of the first hour from the final invoice.


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