Train: IT Efficiency


Standard Hourly Rate: $140/hour
Cost By Project: Based on your detailed brief, we’ll give you a complete training cost


A lot of marketing people are great at coming up with creative ideas. Many excel at design and a few are great at data. Unfortunately, for most people, bringing these gifts or skill-sets together requires completely different parts of the brain to be used and the majority of people are generally good at one but not the other. At Amplify Global, we teach your analytical people design systems to get them better at creating and your creative people data systems to get them better at analytics.

How do we do this? Well, our founder is one of those lucky people who are both creative and analytical. A numbers person as well as a super creative thinker with a grounding in digital design. He has a knack for spotting faster, less labour-intensive ways to get things, generally at a much improved cost to output ratio. He understands what makes both kinds of people tick and he has tailored mentoring programs across a wide variety of sales and marketing systems to ensure teams or individuals are performing at their maximum efficiency.

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