At Amplify Global, we present a wide range of marketing services. Focusing on a predominantly digital offering, we specialise in all things social media, design and strategy. For more information just send us an enquiry. We’ll get back to you within minutes OR scroll down to read more about what we do…

Strategic Marketing Services


A well-thought-out strategy is often the difference between success and failure. Having a plan to follow means we’re accountable for results and allows our clients to keep coming back to the strategy to   We offer strategic marketing services and provide help with:

– 360 Degree Marketing (Holistic Marketing),

– Social Media,

– CRM Set-Up/Optimisation,

– SEO (Search Engine Optimisation),

– Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing Services

We can help with setting up your social media page(s), content calendar development & strategy, and content creation. We offer:

– In-depth tracking and results reporting
– Data analysis, and guidance on what to do next
– Advertising planning & execution
– Plus a raft of other solutions.

Amplify Global can manage your account(s) from top to tail, creating, publishing and managing all content and follower interactions. Alternatively, we can deliver a more self-managed approach where we come up with hard part – content ideas, copywriting, imagery, video and put them all together then send them to you to post yourself.

Web Design & SEO Services

If you need a Website designed, we can cater for a simple single-page design through to a more complex online shop or even your own social media network.

– Go-To-Market Strategy, Layout & Design

– Content Development including copywriting, graphic design, images & video

– SEO: On-Page Search Engine Optimisation (AKA increasing your chances of being found on Google)

– Integrations: Combining 3rd Party apps such as email, CRM, social media, chat, etc

Graphic Design & Copywriting Services

We’re super creative. We’ll help you with all your design & copy requirements. Our Graphic design expertise ensures your brand stands out amongst the crowd. Amplify Global will develop your brochures, posters, business cards, social posts, infographics, and keynote presentations. We also provide video creation for social media and websites. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat or Tik Tok, our videos will bring your posts to life.

Marketing Training & Mentoring Services

Perhaps you have a sales, marketing, or management team who you feel are a little behind the times or need some guidance? Amplify Global has plenty of experience getting people’s skills up to scratch. We can teach your own internal teams the “secret sauce” to effective marketing using a modern approach. In other words, they’ll achieve long-term gains rather than have a 3rd party always doing stuff for them. Usually, we combine as many of the above points into a complete solution that rolls-out over time. That way we don’t overwhelm you or your staff. Too many sweeping changes can lead to slow take-up. The last thing we want is to make changes that no one understands and don’t get used.

We run a simple Q&A session. Then we develop a training schedule that takes you through systems and procedures, tools, tips, and tricks to get the job done more efficiently, at less cost, with higher output.