They say that testimonials, endorsements and recommendations are some of the best ways to understand how a company has worked with others in the past. With this in mind, we’ve collated a handful of feedback for Amplify Global and Sascha‘s work. Whether we’re training your team(s) to perform better, carrying out strategic marketing for your business or developing and managing content across your digital and social media channels, you’ll notice a consistent theme throughout these testimonials.

Of course, we’re more than happy to provide further contact details and references so you can feel confident in our abilities.

So Happy I Found The Right Social Media Team

Anthony Anjoul Don Dapper Profile Pic

I’ve had so many bad experiences with other companies that have taken care of my social media but when I found Amplify Global my business significantly grew. They are the best of the best. I’m so happy I found the right social media team. They’re not just good at what they do. Amplify Global are honest and dedicated to delivering the best for your business 👌

Anthony Anjoul, Owner

A Whizz In The Industry

Sascha is a dedicated and hardworking individual who always puts in 100% with every task he engages in. I was fortunate enough to work under Sascha’s instruction for 6 months and within that time I learned so much. Anyone who works alongside Sascha can attest to his down to earth nature and ability to work efficiently and effectively. He is truly a whizz in the industry!


He is extremely honest and has a very open approach to training, which also reflects in his honest approach towards clients. Sascha truly searches for the most effective methods in order to produce high-quality work for his clients at an affordable price. He is also always willing to take the time to explain tasks and provide feedback, which just shows he really understands what he’s talking about. I learned a lot during my time with Sascha and I am a much better marketer thanks to him. I highly recommend any business to choose Sascha and Amplify Global for their next project. You won’t be disappointed!

Jazmaree Dawson, Investment Manager

Outstanding Work!

Adesso Building Renovations Client Logo

We are extremely happy with Amplify Global for creating our website and managing all our marketing for our business. Sascha has excellent communication, extremely professional and high attention to detail, the work Amplify Global produces is outstanding!

Giovanni & Victoria Adesso, Owners

Passionate About Delivering Measurable Improvements

We initially approached Amplify Global to assist our business in identifying areas of improvement and efficiency, especially around client communications and social media planning. From the beginning, we were impressed with Sascha’s attention to detail and the experience and case studies he could draw on from previous clients.


He took the time to understand our brand, the business and the team and importantly our budgets to put together a realistic, timely and efficient schedule of improvements and was on hand to help implement at every stage. Sascha is reliable, works hard and is passionate about delivering measurable improvements for his clients, on top of that he is a genuinely nice person and has a wonderful work ethic.

Emma Thomson, Marketing Manager

At The Forefront Of Real Estate Marketing

Kim Forwood, Devine Real Estate Group & client of Amplify Global

Sascha was hired to deliver on a number of key objectives for the Devine Real Estate Group. To this end Sascha delivered! He implemented a new CRM system, streamlined our tech and helped to put Devine at the forefront of marketing in Real Estate. He is passionate, hard-working, creative and able to think outside the box! I have really enjoyed working with Sascha and have no hesitation in recommending him.

Kim Forwood

Managed Our Marketing For Business Growth

Yvette Guerin Client Image

I have used Amplify Global to develop my marketing plan and website for a new business and will use them to continue managing my marketing strategy. They have been exceptional in their service and willing to help in every aspect.

Their understanding of social marketing and how to reach the right target audience is clearly evident in how they work and how they’ve developed my marketing strategy. I highly recommend using Amplify Global to help develop your brand and manage your marketing for business growth.

Yvette Guerin, Managing Director

Big Picture Planner

Testimonial Holly Lance

Sascha was a key client of mine at Campaigntrack and we worked closely together on a variety of large scale projects for the Devine Group. An extremely creative, passionate and driven individual, Sascha will always strive for success. His attention to detail and commitment to all projects are what sets him apart from many in the industry. Sascha is a natural bigger picture planner & designer, with a bright future in agency, digital, creative management and/or strategy planning.

Holly Lance, Key Account Manager

Extraordinary Vision

Testimonial Raven Ambrocio

I directly reported to Sascha. I can confidently say that he is the best leader I have ever had in my career. His vision is extraordinary and his execution is genius! Other bosses give orders, but he gave us direction. He uses his authority to empower us and to catapult us toward success, not subdue us under hierarchy. He puts value in our job and our character.

Sascha introduced and implemented systems that made processes more efficient and effective than ever – from CRMs, digital solutions, brand marketing, website, social media marketing, ATL/BTL marketing, etc. – you name it, he has done it! His expertise and innovative solutions are always on point. Sascha works smarter than anybody I have ever met. Nobody can do the job quite like him. I am extremely honoured to have been trained by Sascha. I attribute all the learnings and skills I have today to him. He is a huge asset to any company. Sascha is a remarkable leader.

Raven Ambrocio, Marketing Assistant

Highly Skilled, Progressive

Testimonial David Diamantopoulos

Highly skilled, creative, progressive, proactive, out of the box thinker, very adaptive and all round good guy!

David Diamantopoulos, Business Mentor, Life Coach & Advisor

Results-Driven Professional

Testimonial Eugenie Camilleri

Sascha is a forward thinking, results-driven professional who I had the pleasure of working with. I came to know Sascha as a passionate person. He is not afraid to ask hard questions, always pushing the envelope because he has the foresight to envision how things “could” look. I have no hesitation in recommending Sascha, as he would be a valuable asset to any organisation.

Eugenie Camilleri, Client Services

Premium Digital Product Offering

Testimonial Adrian Abrook

Sascha has worked with our team to create and deliver a premium digital product offering to our customers. I know that my clients get strong benefit from the elements we can now offer and feel confident in Sascha’s ability to keep us relevant, engaging and productive in this space.

Adrian Abrook, J.P. & Property Sales Specialist

Creative, Driven, Passionate

Testimonial Christelle Tuyau

Creative, passionate and driven are some key words that describe Sascha. I was given the opportunity by Sascha several years ago when I first embarked on my career in Marketing. Full of knowledge, Sascha was always available to explain and assist me where required. Any company would be fortunate to have Sascha.

Christelle Tuyau, Contracts Administrator

Head To Bounce Ideas Off

Stefan Emslie

Sascha is a a person you immediately gravitate towards in a work place. You quickly learn that if you need some advice or a head to bounce ideas off, he’s your man. I couldn’t talk more highly of Sascha from a business perspective, but I’ve also had a chance to build a personal connection with him and perhaps that where he shines most.

Stefan Emslie, Consultant

Extremely Passionate

Testimonial Craig Stokes

Sascha implemented a lot of new technology that put us at the forefront of marketing in Real Estate. He was extremely passionate and hands on and was constantly thinking of new initiatives to help us as agents in both self promotion and of course brand promotion. Nothing was ever too much trouble. He always made our yearly seminars informative and fun.

During the Covid-19 period, Sascha worked day and night to move us into the virtual reality world in which we now live, with online auctions, virtual tours of properties and electronic agreements to cut back on the face to face meetings. He is extremely knowledgeable and creative. I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Craig Stokes, Licensed Real Estate Agent

Training Expertise

testimonial Sabeen Akbani

I have to say Sascha has a lot of knowledge of the digital marketing world. I explained the product once and he responded with humour and professionalism. His training expertise made sure all team members were across our product first-hand. He is also extremely easy and delightful to deal with. I would recommend Amplify Global for its proven record of contribution to marketing.

Sabeen Akbani, State Sales Manager

An Asset To Any Business

Testimonial, Fayez Yammine, Devine

Amplify Global is an asset to any business looking to take its reach to a higher level. Their attention to detail and innovation is second to none. Amplify Global comes highly recommended as they were a pleasure to work with to elevate our business to one of the leading real estate agencies in Sydney.

Fayez Yammine, Director