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How To Write Posts That Will Engage

It takes a lot of time and effort to write great posts that will engage your audience. You can spend hours crafting the perfect piece but your entire strategy can be let down if you fail just one super important element: the Headline.

Put simply, if your headline doesn’t attract your audience’s initial interest then people won’t click. They’ll just flick past your post. No click generally means people aren’t reading that post you spent time writing. The ONLY way to get them reading and engaging is to write a kick-ass headline that draws them into the first paragraph which then keeps them hooked to continue reading. The last thing we’re sure you want to do after spending hours putting together your article is to spend another hour coming up with the perfect headline, so we’ve done some research and put together 110 blog headlines that work with the added benefit of it serving as an idea generator for all kinds of blog topics.

Before we get too far into it, we suggest you bookmark this page because we guarantee you’ll want to come back to this list time and time again. Press “Command-D” (Mac) or “Control-D” (Windows) to save this page to your favourites.

Firstly, some rationale behind our approach… a few years back, one company did an analysis of what headline elements work best in viral posts and the five things that showed up the most were:

  • Emotion
  • Content
  • Topic
  • Format
  • Promise

It looked like this:

That’s not to say that you have to feature every element every time but the most successful headlines always feature at least three.

Here’s an example of a headline with all five elements in action:

So, how can you be sure you’ve created a headline that will entice engagement with your audience? The great news is that, with our help, you don’t have to work too hard to achieve this.

Our list is split into 6 topics:

  1. How To’s
  2. Lists
  3. Clear Benefits
  4. Avoiding Negative Outcomes
  5. Facts, Statistics and Examples
  6. General Knowledge Gains

Here are the 110 post ideas plus headline formulas for you to use. We’ve only included the benefit and topic for most, so you’ll have to add in the format, emotion, content type and/or promise.

How To

#1. How to Get [benefit] Out of [topic]

#2. How to [benefit] When You’re Not [topic]

#3. How You Can [benefit] Almost Instantly

#4. How to Become [benefit] When You Feel [negative outcome]

#5. How to Use [topic] to [benefit]

#6. How to Turn Your [topic] Into [benefit]

#7. How to Turn [topic] Into [benefit]

#8. How to Build a [topic] You Can Be Proud Of

#9. How to Take the Pain Out Of [topic]

#10. How to do [topic] In Under X Minutes

#11. How to Make People Line Up to [topic]

#12. How to Get [benefit] In Under X Minutes

#13. How to Skyrocket Your [benefit] With [topic]

#14. How to Shortcut [benefit] By Using [topic]

#15. How to Avoid Looking Stupid When Asked About [topic]

#16. How to Turn [topic] Into [benefit] Every Time

#17. How to [topic] for [benefit]

#18. How to [benefit] Like [case study or example]

#19. How to Create [benefit] for Your [topic]

#20. Exactly How to [benefit] Right Now (Step-by-Step)

#21. How to Master [topic] In X Steps


#22. X Hacks to Accelerate [benefit]

#23. X Ways to Avoid [negative outcome]

#24. X Mind-Blowing Benefits of [topic]

#25. X Factors for Getting [benefit]

#26. X [benefit] Techniques That You Didn’t Know About

#27. X Elements of The Perfect [topic]

#28. X Examples of [benefit] from [case study or example]

#29. X Experts Reveal How to [benefit]

#30. X Little Known Ways to [topic]

#31. X Questions Answered About [topic]

#32. X Free Ways to [benefit]

#33. X Underground Tips On Achieving [benefit]

#34. X Tips on How to Avoid [negative outcome]

#35. X Tactics for Knocking [topic] Out of the Park

#36. X Proven Methods for Accelerating [benefit]

#37. X Tricks for [benefit] More Often

#38. X Simple [topic’s] You Can Create (Even If You’re Not a [job title])

#39. X Principles for [benefit] with [topic]

#40. X Shocking Mistakes Killing Your [topic]

#41. X Surefire Strategies for [benefit] Even If You’re Worried About [negative outcome]

#42. X Examples That Will Help You Overcome [topic]

#43. X Ways to Get [benefit] That Won’t End Up In [negative outcome]

#44. X Valuable Lessons from [your industry] Experts

Clear Benefit

#45. A Simple Way to [benefit] That Works For [job title]

#46. Where [benefit] Is and How To Get It

#47. Why I [topic] (And Maybe You Should Too)

#48. An Open Letter to [job title’s] Looking for [benefit]

#49. [topic] Your Way to a [benefit]

#50. Discover the Secrets Behind [benefit]

#51. How to Fast-Track [benefit]

#52. The Secret to [benefit] Is Revealed

#53. Get [benefit] Without Losing [topic]

#54. Imagine [benefit] Without [negative outcome]

#55. If You Can [topic] You Can [benefit]

#56. Improve Your [benefit] In [time]

#57. See How Easily You Can [benefit]

#58. Give Me [time] and I’ll Give You [benefit]

#59. [topic]: Get More [benefit] Than Your Competitors

#60. The Quickest and Easiest Way to Get [benefit]

#61. The Exact Process We Use to Get [benefit] Without [negative outcome]

#62. Here’s a Quick Way to [benefit]

Avoiding Negative Outcomes

#63. The Unfortunate Truth About [topic]

#64. Why You Need to Stop [topic] Before It [negative outcome]

#65. Never Suffer From [negative outcome] Again

#66. The Hidden Risk In Your [topic]

#67. If You Don’t [topic] Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

#68. [topic] May Be Causing You to Lose Out On [benefit]

#69. To People That Want to [benefit] But Can’t Get Started

#70. Get [benefit] Without [negative outcome]

#71. Why you shouldn’t [topic]

#72. What Your [topic] Won’t Tell You And How It Can Save You [topic]

#73. The Sooner You Know [topic] The Better

#74. No [negative outcome] Just [benefit] Everyday

#75. Get Rid of [negative outcome] Once and For All

#76. Why [topic] Fails and [topic] Succeeds

#77. Forget Everything You Know About [topic]

#78. What Your Competitors Wish They Knew About [topic]

#79. Warning: Ignoring [topic x] Could Seriously Damage Your [topic y]

#80. Why You Are Wasting [resource] and What to Do About it

Facts, Statistics and Examples

#81. How [big number] Got [benefit] in [time]

#82. [case study or example] Reveals X Ways to [benefit]

#83. How [big number] Got [benefit] Without [negative outcome]

#84. The [benefit] That [case study or example] Is Talking About

#85. [topic] Hacking With [case study or example]

#86. Join [big number] of Your Peers That Got [benefit]

#87. Like [case study or example] You Can [benefit]

#88. Why [big number] of People are Starting to [topic]

#89. X% Of People Got [benefit] From [topic]

#90. Here is a Method That is Helping [case study or example] to [topic]

#91. How [case study or example] Increased [benefit] In X Days

#92. How I Got [big number] [benefit] Using [topic]

General Knowledge Gains

#93. Take X minutes to get started with [topic]… you won’t regret it!

#94. What Everybody Needs to Know About [topic]

#95. Don’t Try [topic x] Without [topic y] First

#96. You Don’t Have to be [respected expert] to Achieve [benefit]

#97. The Ultimate Guide to [topic]

#98. The Definitive Guide to Getting [benefit]

#99. Everything You Ever Need to Know About [topic]

#100. The Only Thing You’ll Ever Need to Master [topic]

#101. Who Else Wants [benefit]?

#102. Your Competitors Don’t Want You To Read This [topic]

#103. Answered: Your Burning Questions About [topic]

#104. Do You Know the X Warning Signs of [negative outcome]?

#105. How Many Times Are You Willing to [negative outcome] Before You Try This?

#106. What’s More Effective [topic x] or [topic y]?

#107. How Do You Get [benefit] Without [negative outcome]?

#108. The Smart [job title’s] Guide to [topic]

#109. Revealed: The [topic] Strategy No One Has Told You Yet

#110. Smart [job title’s] Should Do [topic]

If all this STILL seems too much work then get in contact with us and we’ll happily write your blog posts and/or create your social media posts for you and probably for way less than your own time is worth.