Facebook Bans News Sites
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What happens when Facebook bans news sites and pages (and a bunch of non-news sites get caught up in the restrictions)?

As you probably know by now, under the cover of darkness on Wednesday 17th February 2021, Facebook restricted Australian news media pages including all newspaper publications, all the free-to-air TV channel news pages (SBS, ABC, 7, 9, 10), and every other news outlet in existence. Not just Australian-based news either – news from all over the world!

What you may not know is that hundreds of other pages have been caught up in the ban that are not classified as traditional news media pages. Prime examples: RealEstate.com.au and Domain.com.au – the two biggest real estate portals in the country, plus the likes of Government pages and community assistance pages such as sexual assault, domestic family violence and counselling services; 1800Respect, Safe Steps & DV Connect.


Apart from the fact that there will most likely be a short-to-medium term toll on the community by losing access via a communication platform like Facebook, in the immediate future and directly affecting you and your business, you can expect that all links to any of these pages AND websites will not work – past & present.

This is likely just a temporary measure for those pages and sites that got caught up in the mix and is likely to be resolved relatively soon by businesses and community groups reaching out to Facebook to get their page rights reinstated but the traditional news media outlets may take a little longer to reach an agreement. The grey area here is with huge sites such as Domain and realestate .com. au which offer access to properties for sale and rent but can also be easily classified as news sites because they offer so much insight into the property market.

Social media has transformed from a place of entertainment and catch-ups to a source of shared information, where people get their daily dose of all manner of ANYTHING that’s going on in the world. In other words, it’s no longer just about funny cat videos and friends who like them. It’s political, it’s business, it’s learning, it’s connection AND it’s entertainment – the holy grail combination most news media companies aspire to the most.

More importantly, though, there is a wider issue at play here and questions are being asked about the level of control a social media company has over the population and how quickly it can damage a business or community if they rely solely on this medium.


The answer is clear and something we impress upon all our clients – social media is super important to any business but don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Ensure you not only have content across MULTIPLE social platforms but also that you’re using your website to gain marketing traction, develop email/SMS lists and even consider more traditional mediums like print or radio to get your brand message across to your potential customers (yes there are still cost-effective ways to make these mediums work!)

Get in contact with us if you want a FREE marketing health check. Amplify Global will ask a series of basic questions about the systems you use, where and how you market your business, and then come back to you with suggestions on how you can improve. All with no obligations to pay anything for the feedback we give you.

Not only might this save your business if something like this happens again but you might learn alternative, more effective & efficient ways to market your brand and its products or services.