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Amplify Global’s 2020 Facebook & Instagram Image & Video Size Guide

Every year, if not twice a year, the powers that be at Facebook Inc. decide to change the acceptable dimensions for images and videos. As is the case with all things in modern marketing, it seems the “standards” have constantly changing goalposts. It is, for this reason, Amplify Global has launched its annual (or bi-annual), “Facebook and Instagram Image and Video Size Guide”. Hopefully, this helps some of you produce images and videos that perfectly satisfy the social media juggernaut’s media guidelines and your posts are never again cut-off or blurry.

At the bottom of this article, you’ll also find that we’ve uploaded a handy downloadable PDF for you to keep for offline reference 🙂

PS. If you’re still getting stuck or just need some help with setting up these templates on your design app of choice, contact us and we’ll get you all set-up and ready to produce perfectly sized posts in no time!

Facebook and Instagram Image and Video Size Guide